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Watashi no Otto wa Reitouko ni Nemutte Iru (2021) สามีฉันหลับใหลในตู้แช่แข็ง ตอนที่ 1-6 จบ ซับไทย: 1x5


When Kisaragi Konome hears that Sato Ryo is actually Kanade Sou, she rushes over to protect Nana. She winds up stabbing Ryo with a knife. Nana tells her that Ryo and Sou are twin brothers but Konome refuses to listen. Fortunately, due to Kujaku’s quick thinking, Ryo is okay. As proof of him being a twin, Nana shows Konome the corpse in the freezer that has the same face as him and reveals what she did and why.

Watashi no Otto wa Reitouko ni Nemutte Iru: 1×5
May. 08, 2021