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Watashi no Otto wa Reitouko ni Nemutte Iru (2021) สามีฉันหลับใหลในตู้แช่แข็ง ตอนที่ 1-6 จบ ซับไทย: 1x2


Her fiance, Ryo, whom she killed, is somehow alive. But his corpse remains frozen in the freezer. “It’s not enough to just kill.” Natsuna thinks and begins chopping off a part of the corpse. She comes up with a terrifying idea to feed it to Ryo, who has revived. However, Ryo seems to have changed and says he will get a job. Not fooled by his words, she packs him a hamburger she prepared in the middle of the night and gives it to Ryo who is going for an interview. Immediately after he goes out, Kujaku, who lives across the street, greets them. She tells them she wants to relax. Although Nana allows her in, she isn’t interested in conversing with her. However, Kujaku brings over a cake from the bakery where Nana had met Ryo six months ago. She recalls the memories of that day…

Watashi no Otto wa Reitouko ni Nemutte Iru: 1×2
Apr. 17, 2021